2019 USGA rule changes – just hit it already

January 11, 2019  |  John Tipping

OK – slow play sucks. The new rules have some helps, some challenges where time of play is concerned. I have been running events for years and I get physically unwell when people take as much as six hours to play a tournament round. When running the events I feel responsible. But what can be done?

The only thing you need to remember is to keep up with the group in front of you – not ahead of the group behind you. The more space that grows between you and the group ahead – the longer your round, and the round of those behind you will be. I’m not advocating hitting into the group in front – but keep up and be ready when it’s your turn.

I remember what Jim Moore (now on KIRO 710 Radio) once wrote about slow play. It was something like – Hey, you have a four footer – your gonna miss it anyway so just hit it already. I agree.


This post was inspired by an article from GolfStinks.